Telehealth Appointments

Taking care of your mental health is important, especially during the pandemic. Do not defer psychology or medical appointments.


If you normally attend St Albans Complete Health Care or Box Hill Superclinic, please make your appointment through them.

If you normally have your appointment in Sandringham, please contact us.

For telephone appointments, Linda will call you, so you won't face extra phone expenses.

If you want a video appointment:

Telehealth tips

Prepare beforehand by:

(If the plan is not from a GP at St Albans Complete Health Care or Box Hill Superclinic, provide the plan to Linda or the relevant medical centre before the appointment)

Be ready on time.

Keep your appointment time free of distractions. Don't try to do two things at once.

Medicare Telehealth sessions

The Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP covers both telehealth and face to face appointments. Medicare allows up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Once you have used up all the sessions on your existing referral:

Private Health Funds and Telehealth

Confirm coverage and limits with your health fund beforehand.